A structured training process when on-boarding new employee is an essential for any business focusing on developing and retaining key talent. Not only is it a great way to show a commitment to your team from day one, but it allows you to bridge the gaps between where they have been previously and where you need them to be now.

Nepturnal will design and deliver a training programme encompassing key soft-skills needed for any rounded employee whilst reflecting the unique culture of your business and brand. Training can be delivered over a period of days, weeks or months depending on your business needs and desired approach.

Providing soft-skills training for all employers, regardless of their role, allows you to serve your clients exceptionally and continue to maintain a competitive edge*


Communication is key to every thriving team and should fit seamlessly into culture development for any business. It is the only way to avoid spending weeks designing workplace improvements, only to discover that the things you have identified as pain points for your employees, never crossed their minds in the first place! 

Nepturnal will open communication between leaders and their teams to ensure everyone has their say when it comes to a particular issue by implementing a conversation framework which is comfortable for all. This can be used to develop benefits packages, engagement studies or simply to choose a direction for the culture of the firm. 

Allowing employees to have their say on key issues which affect their day-to-day is a surefire way to show you care and to drive productivity in your business. 

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* All of our workshops are bespoke to the client we are working with. When you engage us for training we will work with you to design a suite of workshops tailored to your specific needs and culture.