TECHNOLOGY: You Need To Update Before Your Employees Do

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Innovative technology was once a novelty in the workplace. An added bonus for the team which lightened their load, in ways they never thought possible. Automation seemed like magic and a speedy internet connection was the key to open all doors. However, systems which were once the height of luxury have become an expectation, a necessity even. 

We buy the best money can buy when shopping for our personal tech products, so we can assume that employees want the same from their workplace. According to Rona Borre – CEO of Instant Alliance – cutting edge technology contributes significantly, not only to retention, but to ensuring employees are on-board and passionate about company mission and direction. 

One in five employees admit leaving a job simply due to outdated technology (Sungard, 2017). Given that replacing an employee can cost in the region of nine months salary, this can add up. The same paper denoted that 39% of employees are unhappy with their employers’ efforts to move quickly with digital transformation, and unhappy employees make for unproductive employees. 

So what is the answer? The simple answer is to update. Ensure your teams are working with high-performing, user-friendly technology which will not only keep them motivated, but improve the accuracy of the work product over all – WIN WIN! If budget constraints prevent technology updates right away, another great option is to enroll your employees in training courses which teach various relevant systems. Although they will not be able to use this training immediately in the workplace, this is a good way to show your commitment to their development and their hunger to go digital. 

In a world which is moving faster than ever, with employees moving even faster than that, it is vital to stay in tune with what keeps them engaged. We must foster a stimulating environment if we are to cultivate a productive workforce which produces the best results. Keeping current with technological developments is one key way to achieve this. 

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