Scoping Out Your Target Talent Persona

 If you want to build a successful Employer Brand, it is essential to begin with identifying your target talent persona. This means deciding exactly who you are speaking to with your Employer Brand. Your target talent persona is the person or people you ideally want your recruitment marketing efforts to reach. This allows you to build a brand that yields applications from your dream employees, which should be the ultimate aim of your Employer Brand. 

Why Build A Target Talent Persona?

Building a target talent persona lets you focus your Employer Branding messaging on one specific person (real or imagined) and ensures your messaging is clear and concise. It is the equivalent of customer-profiling when it comes to your consumer-facing brand and is absolutely essential if you want your messaging to be targeted and effective. 

When Should You Use Your TTP?

It goes without saying that if you are building a TTP for each and every live role, you are doing it wrong. Investing time and research into your target talent persona should only be for those roles that are regularly arising within your company or are particularly challenging to fill. 

How To Build Your Target Talent Persona?

One of the best ways to start building your TTP is to start with ‘best practice examples’. Who in your current team personifies exactly the type of candidate you are trying to attract. Do you have a person/people who embody your company values and connect with clients in a way that you wish to expand. Speak to your top performers and begin to build a profile of the person you want to target with your Employer Branding efforts. Give them a name if it helps. Each and every time you create a piece of content or launch a recruitment campaign, ask yourself, ‘Would this person respond well to this?’. 

The second way you can start to establish your TTP is to collate data from people who come into contact with you as an employer. You can begin scraping information from your applicant tracking system and start to notice trends in the way your ideal candidate behaves through your recruitment process. This, alongside internal Employee Experience data, such as your annual Employee Engagement Survey or Round Tables will start to build a three dimensional picture of your talent persona, how they behave and what turns them off. 

Start pulling all of the information together and build your TTP in a way that allows you to shape your Employer Brand. It is likely that you will end up with more than one TTP depending on the size and scale of your organisation and dynamism of your roles. Once you have a clearer picture of who you are trying to attract, you can start building content.  Begin with asking them these three questions and go from there. 

It is essential that all Employer Branding creative accounts for your target talent persona and seeks to connect with them. This will ensure you build a distinct and impactful brand.

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