Recruitment Marketing

Employer Branding Programme

At this stage, we will work with you to communicate your unique employer value proposition to the talent market. We will start to build your employer brand. This is ideal for you if you have completed the first three stages of the case model or if you have already reached this stage in-house.

The Process...

brand advocacy strategy

The best representation of a brand is a happy customer. We work with you to develop a strategy through which your employees feel excited about communicating your employer brand to their networks.

recruitment advertising

Short-term recruitment needs sometimes require short term recruitment techniques. In this instance, we work with you to design and execute an impactful recruitment advertising campaign.

Candidate and Employee Experience Design

We build upon our work at EVP stage to ensure we have a clear and attractive employee and candidate experience for your ideal candidate persona.

Careers Website Strategy

We work with you to design messaging, imagery and content for your careers site which is compelling and appealing for your target market.

We invited Ellie to run a workshop for us JCI Belfast recently and while I was a little sceptical having not been to this type of thing before I was blown away by her.

Not only was the content practical and relevant but she was a complete professional as a presenter. Our members were very impressed so we have invited Ellie back to run another workshop later this year.

Keep up the great work!

William Redpath

Founder at manabu training

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Employer Value Proposition

We host an employer value proposition focus group to agree on the ingredients and values of the overall company culture. We then draft an EVP document for you to approve and to agree on overall messaging.
We then build out how this will translate into candidate and employee experience.

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