Social Recruitment: 7 Advantages Of Using Social Media To Attract Talent

Social Recruitment

The way candidates consume content has changed. This means that the way we communicate our recruitment message with them needs to change also. Not only are candidates increasingly using Social Media as part of their job search process, they are seeking to build a relationship with their prospective employer before committing to the application process. They want to know your organisation as a person. They want to feel confident it will be a fit for them. This means, Social Recruitment has quickly become the most impactful way to connect with candidates and build your reputation as an employer of choice, making your recruitment strategy more rewarding in the process. Today, we are talking about seven key advantages of pursuing a Social Recruitment Strategy.

Increase Your Reach 

Done correctly, Social Recruitment helps you reach more candidates in less time than any other recruitment strategy. It allows you to get in front of key people for your organisation and showcase what your company has to offer. 

Attract Better Candidates 

Many organisations report that their highest quality candidates were found through using Social Recruitment. This makes sense as candidates who engage with employers via Social Media are not only tech savvy, but they are engaged with digital trends. Bonus tip: if you use your current employees to promote your Employer Brand on Social Media, your new hires are more likely to stick with you for longer. 

Boost Your Employer Brand 

Paramount to Social Recruitment is harnessing the power of Social Media to platform your Employer Brand. Your Employer Brand is simply how candidates in the market view you as an employer. Is it positive? Is it negative? Or is it nowhere at all? Social Recruitment can help you define the tone and increase awareness of your Employer Brand.  

Reduce Recruitment Costs 

One of the key benefits of Social Recruitment is that it has the potential to greatly decrease recruitment costs for your business. As a strategy, it can be done entirely organically and actually, often the best Social Recruitment content is entirely free to create and it creates a 50% increase in applicants per hire compared with traditional recruitment strategies. 

Gain A Competitive Edge 

Although the use of Social Recruitment is on the rise, many companies are not there yet. Therefore, if you use Social Media as a way to connect with target candidates, the chances are you are beating out (at least) some of your talent competitors right out of the gate. 

Reach Passive Candidates 

Social Media is often the only way to connect with passive candidates. It is the only way to reach those candidates who aren’t actively looking for a job who are a crucial element to your recruitment strategy. Often, the most high quality candidates are passive because opportunities tend to find them before they are looking. It is essential you can get your employer brand in front of these people and showcase why you should be their next employer. 

Connect With Modern Minds 

If you are going after candidates who are tech savvy and in touch with the latest digital trends, it stands to sense that they would be using Social Media in all aspects of their life, including their job search. Social Recruitment not only helps you connect with modern minds, but it shows them that your organisation is contemporary enough to stimulate them. 

If you have been considering Social Recruitment for a while, hopefully this article has cemented your plan. Social Media is the single most impactful way to reach candidates in the talent market right now and here at Nepturnal, we are helping our clients master its use every day. On 3rd June, we are launching our Social Recruitment Webinar Series to help you get started with your Social Recruitment Strategy.

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