7 Ways To Promote Your Employer Brand On Social Media

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Promoting your employer brand on Social Media is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to attract top candidates and ultimately get them to apply for an open role within your company. By using Social Networks such as Linked In, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (the list isn’t exhaustive), you will be able to build a relationship with your ideal candidates and turn them into applicants. 

According to Linked In, 49% of professionals currently follow companies on Social Media as a way to stay up to date with their open roles and as many as 91% of employers are using Social Media platforms as a way to recruit their next hire. So, even if you aren’t using Social Media as part of your recruitment strategy right now, your competitors probably are. 

However, fear not, as we have put together seven ways you can promote your employer brand on Social Media to help you get started, or to allow you to take your strategy to the next level.

Know Your Ideal Candidates 

The first step in every great social recruitment campaign is to know who you are trying to attract. You should know your ideal candidates inside out so you can connect with them in a way which is meaningful, genuine and doesn’t feel mass produced or manufactured. 

Choose Your Platforms Wisely 

Once you know who it is you want to attract, you can use this information to make decisions around exactly which social platforms you will use to promote your employer brand. Focus on the places where your target candidates are hanging out and build a presence they can’t ignore. 

Consider Your Content Mix

When you add Social Media to your recruitment strategy, it is tempting to think that it’s just a matter of posting open roles with a link to the application page. However, this would be just like your company trying to sell to prospective customers without any relationship building or marketing. To truly supercharge your applicant pool, you’ll want to use a content mix which balances information, engagement and relationship building, as well as keeping candidates appraised of open roles as and when they arise. This way, they will grow to trust you and feel as though they are in a two way relationship.  

Use Employee Generated Content 

It is no secret that current employees are the most trusted source for candidates when it comes to seeking information about a company. Before a candidate applies to your organisation, they will do their research and some of the key people they want to hear from are your current team members. Therefore, the most effective way to engage with candidates on Social Media is to ask your current employees to create content for you to post. Great examples of employee generated content include photographs of care packages or posts about employee events and away days. This allows your candidates to get a taste of life at your company from someone they actually trust. 

Have An Employee Advocacy Strategy

On that note, an employee advocacy strategy, which is where you team members actively share your open roles and content with their networks can be an authentic and impactful way to reach many candidates at once. 

Measure Your Success 

In the end, you cannot improve what you do not measure, and so it is essential to set clear objectives for your employer branding and Social Media recruitment strategy, and carefully monitor them. 

Follow Up Well 

Finally, it’s important to note that attracting candidates via Social Media is entirely useless if you cannot convert them into applicants and ultimately employees. If you want to use social recruiting as part of an overall successful recruitment strategy, it’s essential that you follow up with an easy application process, a great candidate experience and a well thought out onboarding process so as to retain the top candidates you’re about to attract. 

If you’d like to find out more about using Social Media for recruitment, we’d love for you to join our webinar on 21st April where we will be spilling the beans on how to attract your ideal candidates using Social Media. Get your tickets here!