Employer Brand Content Talent Want to See in 2021

Employer Brand Content your candidates want to see recruitment marketing 2021

2020 was a weird year for us all. We saw a seismic shift in how we socialise, how we work and even how we live. Almost everything about the world as we knew it changed. However, something that didn’t change is the increasing uphill battle of attracting and retaining high-quality tech talent and the need to produce high-quality employer brand content.

I mean, sure, our candidate experience changed, our on-boarding process changed, our learning and development practices changed, but the level of work required from companies to impress candidates has maintained, perhaps even increased. 

Although it may seem like there is no end in sight of the ever-lengthening race to achieve that coveted ‘employer of choice’ status, winning the hearts and minds of your ideal people takes little more than great communication. Whether we’re talking about grabbing the attention of those candidates who don’t even know you exist, keeping people engaged throughout the recruitment process or even mastering the art of internal engagement, it’s all in how you communicate the oodles of value you just know you offer as an employer.

That’s why we decided to kick off this year with a guide to the top three types of employer brand content your ideal candidates want to read in 2021. We created this article to summarise three killer ways to grab the attention of your dream candidate and make sure that they know they want to work for you, even before they know they want a new job.

1. Glassdoor 

Okay, let’s get this one out of the way first, we know you all hate it. But the truth about Glassdoor is that if you are sure that on the balance you’re a pretty good employer overall, you have nothing to fear. On the other hand, if you’re not so sure, there could be some foundation work to do before starting to produce employer brand content. 

Let me ask you a question – what do you do when you like the look of a new hotel or holiday destination? – because I always check tripadvisor. It’s the same for employees. In 2021 there are enough companies hiring out there with great reputations, that candidates don’t need to consider applying to ones who don’t. As we will discuss later in the article, people tend to trust ‘customer reviews’ as the most authentic form of marketing content, recruitment marketing is no different. Who are your customers? Your current and past employees!

Candidates understand that, just like customers, they will come across the odd disgruntled and dissatisfied example (think pg 32, tripadvisor – ‘the pool sometimes had leaves in it’) however they are simply looking to gauge an overall feel for the place. 

Now if reading this is filling you with dread because you know you have a few of those unsavoury reviews lurking on Glassdoor, or worse, you are suspiciously nowhere to be found, don’t panic, this one is easy to fix. But if bringing a creative and engaging Glassdoor strategy into play at your organisation isn’t yet on the agenda for Q1, perhaps now is the time to slot it in! 

2. Employee-led Content 

Or, user-generated content, as they say in marketing. This is content that (on the face of it) your employees create themselves to indirectly (or directly, depending on how much they love you) talk about their experience of you as an employer.  

This type of content can come in many forms and we have found it to be most effective when it is varied and distributed across a number of channels – think careers site, socials and yes, Glassdoor is also a form of employee-led content. 

Now, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge that many of you will have tried to generate content from your team in the past and found them to perhaps lack engagement with the process or not want to get involved at all. 

The key here is to make it as easy as possible for them. Think about their needs. Empower them to be creative and produce the types of content that they feel most aligned with, be that graphics, day-in-the-life content, or testimonials and let it reflect the parts of work they feel most connected to, it might be the tech stack, social opportunities or perks and benefits. 

I find that if we try to ‘allocate’ content themes to employees, the process feels quite contrived and chore-like. Equally, if time is of the essence and your team simply don’t have the hours in the day to produce employee-led content, you can ask them for a few bullet points and then formulate the copy yourself – or, allow us

3. Video Content 

You knew it would be in here somewhere. As we wave goodbye (good riddance) to 2020, we are moving into a year worlds apart from the one we entered this time last year. Working remotely with only a wave across the road from the odd stranger on our daily walk has us yearning to see faces and hear voices. This means that, more than ever, candidates and employees want to see video content. 

It doesn’t mean that said video content needs to be Hollywood production, however. I mean, it can be, of course, and a high-quality, evergreen piece of professional video content can do wonders for your careers page or on-boarding content, particularly if you have your employer brand messaging down and are confident that such a video would remain relevant for the months (perhaps years) to come. 

However, for simple day-to-day content, we find that the best videos tend to be raw, unfiltered and (hallelujah!) easy to make. Whether it be a new open role, an internal announcement or a piece of employee-led content, shooting a quick video can sometimes see 10x the reach of an article that takes much longer to make (trust me!). 

Similarly to employee-led content, you might be finding it a challenge to get a show of hands of those team members who want to appear on camera. With that being said there are those in your ranks who would happily take part, especially if you can get creative with your format. Remember, traditional, face-to-camera video content is not the only way!

So there you have it, our take on impactful employer brand content in 2021. As you continue to navigate through the talent landscape this year, it is more important than ever to put your organisation on the map as an irresistible employer or at least a safe bet for candidates. The best (and cheapest) way to do this is to tell your story through content that will actually get read and resonate with your dream candidates.

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