Employers MUST Take Action Against Climate Change

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The recent Climate Change strike saw thousands of employees take action on a global scale. They took to the streets in cities such as Seattle, London and Dublin to express their passion for this cause. 

Regardless of how you feel about Climate Change personally or politically, as an employer it has now become a vital consideration for any business wanting to recruit and retain quality talent, particularly in the future.

Students have made it increasingly clear that they are seeking responsible employers when it comes to environmental practices. For example, 20,000 students in France have said that they would not consider working for a company who has not committed to fighting climate change. This is in addition to students in the UK and internationally moving to ensure that their universities divest from fossil companies. 

This will be a challenge for HR professionals as they seek to strengthen their CSR practices when it comes to ‘going green’. It’s also important that companies make graduates and potential employees aware of their changes in the right way. 

I have included some action points below which will help businesses of all sizes to reduce their carbon footprint and win over high-performing talent with their commitment to the environment. 

Single Use Plastic 

How often do we supply bottled water at the office? In meeting rooms, the cafeteria and often in vending machines as well. An easy incentive for those in your office to reduce their plastic waste would be to provide each employee with a company water bottle, and a machine where they can refill at their convenience with cold, filtered water. This is a great way of ensuring your employees stay hydrated whilst taking steps to help the environment also. 

Mindful Travel

How much do your office travel habits contribute to Climate Change? It’s important to think of this on a macro and micro level. For example, ensure to use video call where appropriate as opposed to air travel to attend meetings. On a smaller level, survey employees to discover how they travel to work. It might be an excellent perk/benefit idea to offer subsidised public transport for all employees to aid in their commute to the office. 

Clouds Save Trees

There seems to be no end to the number of documents and records we must hold for x number of years after x event for x purpose. However, an environmentally friendly change which you could make to your practice in this area is to collate all records and save them down to the cloud in place of printed files in a filing cabinet. This both saves your space and the environment and will ring impressive with your millennial workforce who are motivated in workplaces who embed technology into daily life. 

It is not enough for your company to simply pay lip service to Climate Change. Employees, particularly students and the younger workforce are determined to find their employment home at socially responsible companies, and for the moment this means firms who take Climate Change seriously. You do not have to implement hugely extravagant or expensive changes, but what is important is that you make small changes which will have a big impact.

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