Employer Branding SEO: Ensuring Your Job Postings Reach Your Dream Candidate

Picture the scene. You have an open role. You’ve defined your target talent persona and so you know exactly the person you want to fill it. You’ve written a job description that speaks directly to them in a way that you know will peak their interest. But you aren’t getting any applications. At least, not as many as you’d hoped. Where are you going wrong?

The truth is, you may write the most engaging job posting in your industry and the creative might hit the spot, but if your postings aren’t getting found on Google, it’s unlikely you will get many qualified applicants. 73% of job searches start on Google (Jobiak, 2019), therefore. you need to learn how to get your job ads noticed. 

To help you, we have identified three key tips to get your Employer Branding SEO into ship-shape. Getting these three areas into order will go a long way to getting your job ads front and centre for those very special candidates you are trying to attract. 

1) Use A Clear and Concise Job Title 

It is essential that you headline your role with an uncomplicated, SEO-friendly job title. Internally, it’s fine to use more tongue-in-cheek, creative titles such as ‘Java Ninja’ or the famous W1A ‘Director of Better’, but when advertising an open role it works much better to use an industry standard title. This is because your dream candidates are searching for those roles they believe will be a good fit for them and you can’t expect them to stumble across an option they aren’t even searching for. A good rule of thumb here is to think of User Intent (something we say a lot when we talk Employer Branding SEO), what is your target talent persona actually searching for? If you can match these search criteria, you will have a much better chance of getting your posting front and centre. 

2) Ensure Google Knows Your Careers Site Is… A Careers Site 

This may seem obvious, but when trying to improve your Employer Branding SEO, a key consideration is whether or not Google knows your careers site is actually a careers site (or page). Make sure your Careers site URL includes a relevant term such as ‘careers’, ‘jobs’ or even ‘work-with-us’. This way, google will have a much better chance of recommending it to your perfect candidate when they are on the hunt. 

3) Use Google Jobs 

Are you using Google for Jobs? If not, this may go a long way to explaining why your roles aren’t getting noticed by your target talent persona. Google released Google for Jobs in 2018 as a way to help connect employees with employers in a user-friendly way. It enables candidates to focus their search on a number of key areas, four of which are location, department, date posted and employer. Even if your dream candidates aren’t specifically searching for your organisation, being listed on Google for Jobs will give them a much better chance of coming across you through another relevant search such as role or location. If you’d like to get better at using Google for Jobs or even make a start on it, we recommend checking out our handy dandy article here

So there you have it. Our top three tips to help you get started on improving your Employer Branding SEO. If you want to bring target talent into the fold who aren’t following your social or on your mailing list, bumping up the Google rankings is the best place to start.

About Nepturnal 

Nepturnal is an Employer Branding Agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We work with organisations throughout the UK and globally as partners to communicate with your ideal candidates and ensure they become an Employer of Choice in your industry. For those who wish to look after Employer Branding in-house, we provide a comprehensive training programme so you don’t need to miss out on the expertise. If you want to get serious about your brand, send us a note at hello@nepturnal.com.

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