Employer Branding Programme


'Neptitude' Employer Branding Programme

The Neptitude Employer Branding Programme is where we at Nepturnal train technology companies to handle their Employer Branding in-house. This is for a client who has the time and resources to execute the project but not the expertise. The training programme will allow them access to expertise and training on how to design and build a full employer branding programme.  In addition Neptitude not only focuses on Employer Branding Strategy for future recruitment intakes but also Employer Branding Implementation.   The training goes through our entire CASE model in detail over the course of 10 weeks.

What Makes up the Neptitude Employer Branding Programme


We work with you to build your target talent persona through a tailored Employer Branding Strategy approach.

Talent strategy

We audit your employer brand, and how you are currently communicating with your target candidates.

Employer value proposition

We host an employer value proposition focus group to agree on the ingredients and values of the overall company culture.

recruitment marketing

At this stage, we will work with you to communicate your unique employer value proposition to the talent market.

Client Testimonials

"Ellie was invited to present at the annual conference of the NI Family Business Forum in November, She really knows her stuff and the businesses on the day really valued her presentation on how to engage with millennial and Gen Z. As well as being highly knowledgeable, she's personable and was a real asset to our team of experts."
Treena Clarke
Head of Marketing & Events at Harbinson Mulholland
"We invited Ellie to run a workshop for us JCI Belfast recently and while I was a little sceptical having not been to this type of thing before I was blown away by her. Not only was the content practical and relevant but she was a complete professional as a presenter. Our members were very impressed so we have invited Ellie back to run another workshop later this year."
William Redpath
Founder at Manabu Training
"I met Ellie over a year ago through our involvement in the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Belfast. I have found her to be a true expert in the field of people management and communications. Ellie has provided me on several occasions with commercially-focused advise which was tailored specifically to my startup business’s needs. As well as understanding the markets in which we operate, Ellie has provided me with the people management strategies to make it happen. I would highly recommend her."
Martin Murtagh
Founder at Funnel Digital Training

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