Employee Advocacy: 5 Ways It Will Impact Your Company

Employee advocacy is the process of inspiring your team members to become your biggest promoters, both from a recruitment point of view and from a business development perspective. Having a team who are not only proud to work for you but proud to share that with the world can have a staggering impact on your most critical KPIs. Passionate employee advocates can make an immeasurable difference to your talent management capabilities and your market presence. 

If you’re still not convinced that you should be implementing an employee advocacy programme within your organization, here are five reasons you should. 

Social Media Reach 

Teaming up with your team to advocate for your organisation using their social networks is not only impactful but it’s cost effective too. Over recent years, the waning effect of organic reach on social media has pushed many companies to favour paid advertising as a more rewarding alternative. However, according to Sprout Social, just 135 employee advocates could exceed the reach of one million followers on Facebook. 


There is no doubt that no one knows more about what you are offering than your employees. They work with your products each and every day which makes them experts in what you can do for your customers and future team members. Enlisting your employees’ help in communicating what makes you unique allows them to showcase this expertise to your target audience, and you might even learn something in the process.

Employee Engagement 

Involving your team with strategic elements of the business such as brand awareness and recruitment connects them to a greater purpose. It allows them to gain experience working on the bigger picture. Organisations who empower their employees to become advocates experience higher levels of employee engagement and productivity. 


An employee advocacy programme makes it easier and more appealing for your current team to share open roles with their network. If they know what they should be sharing and when, as well as the odd incentive to nudge them along, your employees will get excited about recommending you to their friends as an employer. Hiring employee referrals is not only quicker, but is proven to achieve a higher performance and better long-term retention from these candidates. 


Finally, employee advocates are not only more engaged, but they are more likely to stay with your organisation. Through empowering them to become an advocate of your company you are inspiring them to learn more about your business and become more connected to your brand. This, in turn, makes it much more likely that they are here for the long haul. They will become invested in the outcomes of their advocacy efforts and truly feel as though they are a part of building something purpose-driven and impactful. Not to mention they will feel more engaged with their ‘business-as-usual’ work on a daily basis as they now know how it fits into the overall big picture within your organisation. 

Overall, the benefits of constructing an employee advocacy programme within your organisation are staggering. If you are an organisation striving to grow both sales and headcount, it is likely that a structured employee advocacy programme will be the quickest and most cost effective way to achieve this.

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