7 Signs Your Careers Site Needs Updated

If your careers site is more of a tick-box exercise rather than a creative means to communicate your unique value proposition, you are missing a huge opportunity to engage with your perfect candidate. 

As we begin to embrace the ‘new normal’, candidates will have fewer touchpoints with an organisation before they commit to joining. This means you must use each and every opportunity to connect with them and ignite an emotional tie with your company. After all, high-caliber people mull over many offers and options before they make their final decision. You want to ensure your careers site does not blend into the background. 

To help you achieve this, we have compiled 7 signs your careers site could be out of date and a few tips on how to transform it for the better. 

1) Your Content Is Stale 

Nine out of ten times, when we audit a careers site we are met with the same stock images, basic job descriptions and lack of personality. This is the first and most obvious indication that an organisation is missing the chance to build relationships with their target talent through communicating the company culture. Luckily for you, this one is a quick win. Creating engaging content is relatively cheap and easy if you know how. We would recommend using video to communicate genuine employee testimonies and day-in-the-life accounts. Candidates are much more likely to believe your people rather than you, don’t take it personally.

2) You Avoid The Elephant In The Room

Nothing says ‘we never update our careers site’ like pre-covid copy. It’s essential your candidates have confidence that you have adapted your culture to the ‘new normal’ and are still an Employer of Choice post-pandemic. They want to see that you know what’s important to them right now and that you are empathetic towards any anxieties they may have around taking up a new role at this time. Even in ‘normal times’, it is good to get into the habit of regularly updating your careers site to directly answer questions that are likely to be relevant to your ideal candidates at any given time. You don’t need to write War and Peace, however a reference or two to how you enable remote working and plan social events during this time helps to show people that you are a dynamic organisation responding to the times. 

3) Your Job Ads Don’t Rank In Searches 

If you put your ‘company name’ and ‘jobs’ or ‘careers’ into Google and aren’t seeing your vacancies, you have a little work to do on your SEO. It’s important that you successfully set up SEO metadata for each and every role you post, and even more vital that you are using Google for Jobs. Establishing key words and relating them back to search criteria you want to be found under will aid you in ensuring your dream candidates find your careers page with ease, this is the first step in ensuring your ideal talent persona applies for an open role with you. Check out our article to help kickstart your Employer Branding SEO strategy.

4) Your Site Isn’t Mobile Friendly 

In a time where your ideal candidate may be viewing job postings on their commute or during their lunch hour, it is essential that your careers site adapts to whatever device they wish to view it on. Otherwise, you may rule out your ideal candidate simply because your site isn’t there for them when they need it. This will also impact your ranking on Google also, so may undermine all your hard work on SEO. 

5) You Aren’t Communicating With Your Target Talent Personally 

The best way to make your careers site stand out from the crowd is to personalise your message and directly speak to your target talent persona. This way, you increase the chances of achieving multiple applications from the exact talent persona you desire for the role. Segmenting your target talent is a key step in polishing your Employer Brand and to help you we have written an article to help you identify them. As you grow, you may even wish to begin separating your careers site out to appeal to different talent groups for example graduates versus experienced hires. 

6) Your Careers Site Is Impossible To Locate 

When auditing careers sites, we sometimes find them difficult to locate from an organisation’s customer-facing website, and we know where to look. Now, picture the scene. A highly-qualified candidate is perusing the search results for a new role. They find your website, however can’t seem to locate the careers section. Are they likely to spend a lot of time searching, or click to the next opportunity, likely to be with a talent competitor? It is a good idea to give ‘Careers’ a section on your top menu bar, so as it is visible immediately to all website visitors. It is not enough to hide it in the footer and hope candidates will know where to look. 

7) You Only Accept Applications For A Specific Position 

You could be missing hundreds of high-quality applicants simply due to bad timing. They view your site at a time when there isn’t an open role specifically of interest to them, and so click onto the next option. You should have an option on your site for those candidates who are interested to submit their email address and CV with view to being contacted by you once an appropriate role arises. This means that you will see all interested candidates and can even create a role or approach those of particular interest to you. 

So there you have it. Are you in the careers site Hall of Fame or is it time for some TLC on your page? Either way, it is good to do a quick audit on your site every so often to ensure it still hits the mark with your ideal candidate. Talent acquisition is a competitive business, especially when it comes to high-quality applicants. You want to stay ahead of the game and remain the Employer of Choice in your industry.

About Nepturnal 

Nepturnal is an Employer Branding Agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We work with organisations throughout the UK and globally as partners to communicate with your ideal candidates and ensure they become an Employer of Choice in your industry. For those who wish to look after Employer Branding in-house, we provide a comprehensive training programme so you don’t need to miss out on the expertise. If you want to get serious about your brand, send us a note at hello@nepturnal.com

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