3 Ways To Connect With New Joiners Before They Start

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So you’ve just employed the perfect candidate? Exactly the person you hoped for when you advertised your opening. This great news as one of the major challenges facing employers in the current economy is recruiting talent. Recruiting quality talent and recruiting enough of them. However, the battle is not won yet. It’s important to keep in mind that whilst your new employee may have impressed at interview by citing the many reasons he/she wants to work for you and only you, chances are, they have and will attend other interviews. You must keep the momentum going by connecting with them from when they receive their offer until their first day. Here are three simple ways to ensure you stay top of mind for your new joiner.

Recommend Ways To Prepare For Their New Role 

An easy way to keep new employees engaged with your business before their start date is to reach out and suggest materials which they could use to prepare for the role. It’s important that you do not make them feel forced to prepare, however many successful applicants ask for this type of information to seem keen. However, if they do not start the ball rolling on this one, you might like to gently let them know a particular blog or podcast which their future colleagues follow to keep au courant with the industry. 

Invite Them To Office Drinks

If your team has a social event on the cards before your new employee is due to start, then why not invite them along to join in the fun? This is not only a great way to connect with them prior to their start date, but a good opportunity for the team to meet them in an informal setting. It’s best to ensure that this is a low-key, casual event (as opposed to something like a charity skydive) as they may already be stepping outside of their comfort zone just to attend. 

Set up a meeting with their buddy 

Most businesses use the buddy system to train new-joiners. This is the idea that each new team member will have a specific, more-experienced person in the team to whom to direct questions and concerns. This person becomes their buddy. However, most companies only introduce new employees to their buddy on day one, adding it to a list of numerous, quite daunting things to encounter on the first day. A better way to do this introduction is to invite the successful applicant into the office prior to joining to have coffee (or tea) and a chat with their buddy. Many new joiners have lots of budding questions, even prior to starting, and this is a great way to ensure their mind is totally at rest when joining your business. 

There are many ways to connect with new-joiners prior to their start date, however following the above three easy steps will ensure a primed, relaxed candidate for day one. A key consideration is to ensure that you follow the same procedure for all new-joiners so as not to play favourites, however still remember to create a personalised feel for each individual. All that’s left to do now is to get excited about your new team member and what they will bring to your office environment.

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