3 Questions To Ask Your Dream Candidate

Anyone with experience of Employer Branding knows that the first step to successfully communicating with your dream candidates is to establish your Target Talent Persona. However, it isn’t enough to simply identify this person, we must consult them at every crossroads along the way to building and maintaining the brand. 

For this reason, each and every branding decision should involve considering your target talent persona in the context of your company culture and even your consumer brand. This should inform the types of content and platforms you use to engage candidates and ultimately convert them on your job descriptions. 

To help you along the way, we have set out three questions (that you may not have thought of to ask your target talent persona. 

1) Where are you in your career? 

This question helps establish the experience and grade of your ideal candidate. Are you looking for an entry-level graduate, or perhaps someone with a professional qualification. Do you want your new hire to have a certain amount of experience with a particular software language, or perhaps a number of years of people management. It is important to spend time fully establishing where your target talent persona is currently at as this will help you choose the tone of voice and key elements of the job specification such as salary and benefits. It will also help you prepare for the kinds of questions this candidate may ask at the interview stage. 

2) What are your professional goals?

It helps to know where your ideal candidate hopes to end up. Are they seeking to climb the ladder and end up at executive level? Are they hoping to reduce working hours to spend more time with their young family? Do they value international opportunities as they want to travel during their careers? Once you know where your target talent persona is going, you will be in a much better position to structure conversations and messaging with them. You will be prepared for progression-related questions and can even shape the creative to show them you are the best employer to help them achieve their goals. 

3) How do you use Social Media?

Your dream candidates’ social habits are paramount to your Employer Branding strategy. They will determine when and where you will communicate with your target talent persona. You should identify the specific Social Media your ideal candidate uses, the types of content they prefer to consume and at what time they are on Social Media each day. While your TTP’s career stage and professional goals will shape the content you create, their Social Media habits will enable you to diffuse the messaging in the most effective way. 

Of course, your conversation with your target talent persona should not end here. You should continue to get to know them and shape a three dimensional character to whom you direct all your Employer Branding efforts. This will ensure you maximise applications per hire from this group and ultimately begin to grow your dream team.

About Nepturnal 

Nepturnal is an Employer Branding Agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We work with organisations throughout the UK and globally as partners to communicate with your ideal candidates and ensure they become an Employer of Choice in your industry. For those who wish to look after Employer Branding in-house, we provide a comprehensive training programme so you don’t need to miss out on the expertise. If you want to get serious about your brand, send us a note at hello@nepturnal.com

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