2020 Guide To Google For Jobs

If your business is posting job advertisements in 2020, there is a good chance you are using Google for jobs. If you aren’t, you definitely should be so we have created this handy guide to either help you improve, or help you get started. 

Google for jobs is paramount to boosting your job listing in 2020. It allows you to connect with candidates in a way that is easy and straight-forward for them, making it much more likely they will engage with your open role. Optimizing your job ad helps you connect with your target talent which should be your primary aim. 

What Is Google For Jobs?

Released in 2018, Google intended Google for Jobs to be a catalogue of global job listings all in one place with view to making the search process easier for candidates and job-seekers. Globally, 73% of job searches start with Google, so if you have a target talent persona in mind, there is a good chance they will start their search with Google. Therefore, engaging with Google for Jobs might make all the difference to those important applicant per hire statistics. 

Through this platform, Google enables candidates to search for jobs using a number of criteria. Some of those criteria include salary, experience, qualifications, seniority, company and even some all important Employee Experience guides such as commute time, working hours and reviews of the employer or company. With 30% of all Google searches relating to job searches, it is clear that they wanted to focus on User Experience in this area. They have used AI and search expertise to ensure that searches are both relevant and seamless for talent. Which is good news for you as this will contribute (even if only slightly) to the beginning of your candidate experience and journey. 

Why Use Google For Jobs?

Using Google for Jobs has become somewhat of a no-brainer for those wishing to reach target talent far and wide. It’s easy-to-use, informative user-interface makes it a candidate-favourite, meaning that those who are using the platform have access to more talent to those who don’t. It’s also free, meaning you don’t need to invest too many of those valuable Employer Branding dollars into mastering and using it. 

How To Use Google For Jobs?

There are two main ways to get your listings on Google for Jobs. The first way is to advertise with a partner of the platform, of which there are many. A few include Linked In, Glassdoor, Monster, Facebook, Zip Recruiter and many more. However, the second option of directly integrating your jobs with Google tends to provide a much simpler and more seamless candidate experience. This can be done using a structured markup and XML sitemap directly from your careers site. Google has posted a very helpful ‘How To’ here.

We hope this helps you get well on your way to a successful experience with Google for Jobs. As with all things Employer Branding, it is essential to put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and consider how you believe you can create the best experience for them. If your target talent persona is using Google for Jobs during their search (which they almost certainly are) then you must engage with this platform and get their attention.

About Nepturnal 

Nepturnal is an Employer Branding Agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We work with organisations throughout the UK and globally as partners to communicate with your ideal candidates and ensure they become an Employer of Choice in your industry. For those who wish to look after Employer Branding in-house, we provide a comprehensive training programme so you don’t need to miss out on the expertise. If you want to get serious about your brand, send us a note at hello@nepturnal.com

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